205 Madison St.
215 Madison Street – The Garland House This classic Greek Revival was built in 1845 for […]
220 Madison St.
220 Madison Street – The Burroughs House, a.k.a. Halsey Terrace The Burroughs House, also known as […]
300 Madison St.
300 Madison Street – The Steptoe House This Colonial Revival was built in 1900 for W. […]
303 Madison St Corner
303 Madison Street – The Dunnington-Garland-Noell House This house was originally brick Federal. It was built […]
306 Madison St
306 Madison Street – The First Burroughs House This Victorian Vernacular style house was built in […]
308 Madison St
308 Madison Street This is an of example of Victorian Vernacular. The house was built in […]
309 Madison St.
309 Madison Street – The Wall House This house is in the Victorian Vernacular style and […]
This house is four-square style and was built in 1883 for Jan A. Jennings.
313 Madison St
313 Madison Street – The Padgett House The house is of Victorian Vernacular and built in […]
318 Madison St. Classic stick style. This house was built for A.H. Burroughs in 1891 as […]