History and Mission of the GHNA

In September 1981, the residents of Garland Hill formed a 501 (c) (3) corporation to be known as the Garland Hill Neighborhood Association (GHNA). The mission of GHNA is:

  • To preserve, restore, and maintain Garland Hill as an historic and significant area in the City of Lynchburg
  • To educate neighborhood residents and the general public about the historic and architectural significance of the Garland Hill Neighborhood
  • To enhance the quality of life through common goals, social interaction and mutual support that would be beneficial to all its residents, and
  • To do all things not inconsistent with these Articles of Incorporation which are necessary and proper to promote the above purposes.

Membership and Officers of the GHNA

Membership of the GHNA is open to all persons who reside or own property in the Garland Hill conservation district as defined by the Lynchburg City Council and to those persons not residing or owning property in the Garland Hill conservation district who have demonstrated an interest in furthering the purposes of the association by attending two meetings of the corporation during the period of one year. All persons 18 or older who have been members of the corporation for 30 days have full voting rights. Non-voting members may attend meetings and speak, but may not make motions, vote, or hold office. 

In order to become a member, each potential member must register his or her name, address, and telephone number at a regularly scheduled meeting for entry into the registration roster. Membership is maintained by attending at least one meeting per year and lapses at the end of one year if there is no attendance following the date on which the member first attended. Membership again commences with the attendance of two meetings.

The GHNA is governed by a Board of Directors (officers) consisting of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, and Treasurer, the immediate past president, and two members elected at large for one year terms. Committees may be designated to carry out special activities. In 1994, the Association added procedures to address issues its members perceive threaten the health and/or safety of the Garland Hill neighborhood.

Activities of the GHNA

The GHNA meets monthly in the home of a resident who volunteers to hold the meeting. A formal meeting of the attendees lasts for about an hour, during which neighborhood business and interests are discussed. GHNA also sponsors activities for it members that promote its purposes including neighborhood clean-ups and member socials and picnics. Among other Lynchburg historic districts, GHNA is also a proud partner of the Lynchburg Historical Foundation, showcasing the neighborhood in the annual “Ghosts of Historic Lynchburg” tour.