619 First Street Front

619 First Street – The Lynch Farm House

This house is Colonial Vernacular and is the second oldest house in Lynchburg. It was built in 1787 by John Lynch, the founder of Lynchburg as part of his farm. The original house consisted of four rooms two-over-two with center hallway, plus two rooms in the basement serving as the kitchen and dining area. In 1875, Thomas Cartmell added two room, one-over-one, to the end of the house creating the present day six room dwelling. In 1852 John Hollins purchased the property from Ammon Hancock and deeded the house to the First Baptist Church to be used as a parsonage. The millstone embedded in the sidewalk came from the original Hollins Mill and dates to the 1700s.

619 First St Side

The Lynch Farm House side.

619 First Street

The Lynch Farm House